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It began in the last century with an advertising strategy I was working on. It seemed there wasn’t a word for the imaginary friend that some children have.

Then I started to think about different kids and how varied their imaginary friends would be and thought it would make a good series of stories and illustrations.

I decided to do the illustrations on computer because I didn’t want them to exist in the real world as such. Remember this was in the 1990’s and it was a much more analogue world back then.

It grew into an A – Z of characters that I never quite completed at the time and am now trying to extricate some of them from Zip discs which were the common form of storage back then.

So here are eleven of them and with luck another six or seven will follow soon when I work out the Zip problem and I have the remaining characters mapped out to finish when I have the time.

Why Binkas? There is a Christopher Robin story in which he has an imaginary friend called Binker. Binkas seemed more friendly.

And if anyone had any memorable imaginary friends they’d like to share – I’d love to read them.


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